Wednesday 17 July 2019

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An old face returns to Emmerdale this week
An old face returns to Emmerdale this week

Emmerdale: Another day, another wedding, and another blast from the past... it's business as usual in the Dales. Especially for Marlon Dingle. He just wants to get married, settle down, so he can commence the Box Set Death March with someone apart from long-term life friend Paddy Kirk.

However, given the demise of his unions with Tricia Fisher, Donna Windsor, Laurel Thomas, Rhona Goskirk, Carly Hope etc, surely his wedding to Jessie Grant will go off without a snag? You know, after he was reluctant to partake in her'surprise wedding' on Christmas Day?

This week, Marlon is disappointed when April reveals she's unable to attend his 'real wedding' (whether the tot is bearing a grudge or simply doesn't have time to put in an appearance at her father's latest nuptials is unclear). Reverting to panic, both Marlon and Jessie feel their chances of locating a second witness are slowly dissipating, but they manage to coerce a passing Jimmy.


Liz returns from hospital and angrily tells Johnny she'll make sure he pays for his actions. Jenny calls on Liz and begs her to drop the charges against Johnny. It doesn't take long for canny Liz realises that it was Jenny driving the car. Tim makes a statement to the police about what Gina found out about Duncan, while Marcia is Sally's new cell mate and she's a bit handsy. Audrey gets it into her head that Claudia was partially responsible for relieving her of her £80k; Brian starts work at the Kabin; and is Daniel losing his luscious Barlow locks?


Tiffany meets one of Evie's workers, Rat, who is going to deliver some drugs today. While Evie is distracted - threatening an addict, Craig, who owes her money - Tiffany decides to take Rat under her wing.

Tiffany wants to accompany Rat on the job to keep him safe, even though Evie rejects the idea. Later, Bernadette drops Tiffany in it with Evie by revealing that she's defied her orders.

Meanwhile, when Mitch returns to the Square to fix Karen's bathroom, he has a girl called Bailey in his van with him. Craig tries to break into the van, but Bailey hits him. Later on, Bailey accidentally smashes one of the pub's windows with a football. When Mick overreacts, Mitch jumps in to defend Bailey and reveals that she's his friend's daughter.

Elsewhere, Max has some harsh words for Rainie when he sees that she's still unsteady on her feet. When Rainie storms out, she accidentally leaves the door ajar - giving Craig an opportunity to sneak in and steal money.


Mairead is downbeat as loneliness kicks in. Clocking this, Laura encourages Damien to ask Mairead out but he insists it's not the right time - which makes a change for him.

Wayne is tormented as Orla and Tommy concoct their family history for the clinic; Paul clashes with Oisin and Callum over Vinos; and Bob and Renee contemplate a new, uncertain future with Ellie.

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