Saturday 24 March 2018

No wonder we're so fat, with good deals like this...

Poor oul' James Reilly.

If it wasn't bad enough getting battered from pillar to post for the state of our hospitals, the cut in medical cards and the fact that he can't seem to control his budget, the beleaguered Minister for Health took a pasting in the past week for the size of his waistline.

The Minister was launching a healthy eating initiative last week and the media turned the spotlight on him and his own battle with weight.

When he took over as Minister for Health in 2011 James Reilly acknowleged that he was carrying excess weight and admitted that as the Minister for Health he would have to lead by example and vowed to get in shape.

I believe in the adage that people in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones, so I won't add anything to that particular topic, but is it any wonder that our children and their mams and dads are getting heavier and heavier, when you look at our lifestyles and shopping habits?

On Monday morning heading into the office for the bank holiday shift I stopped in a local shop to purchase a coffee. A black coffee, no milk, no sugar mind, not a latte or mocha or anything so fancy. €2.30, yer man behind the counter said. I balked as this was more expensive than my local shop where the coffee machine was on the blink.

'We have an offer – €2 for a coffee and Cadbury's Shortcake Snack,' he says.

So €2.30 for a coffee or €2 for a coffee and six-biscuit shortcake chocolate bar that I didn't want just after 9am.

I took the latter option and stuck it in the desk drawer, vowing that it won't be open until Christmas.

Who was I kidding. It lasted through Monday, but it was broken open on Tuesday morning. Still as I write there are four biscuits left and I only ate one biscuit, with a colleague accepting another.

Battling our waistlines is all about discipline and self motivation, of course, but special offers, multipacks and buy-one-get-one-free all make it harder to stay on the straight and narrow.

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