Sunday 19 January 2020

My resolution for 2020: spend less time on the phone

There is a new anxiety called mobile phone anxiety.
There is a new anxiety called mobile phone anxiety.

Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

Are you a slave to your phone? I would have said that I'm not, but my husband says differently.

I have to admit that recently I have noticed just how much I do answer my phone. It gets an immediate response to every ping, just in case it's something important. Even on my day off. Crazy, mostly its work related emails, or messages from several WhatsApp groups that do not need my immediate attention. It's almost like an addiction. Phone pings, I respond, and I react and answer the messages there and then. Sure it only takes a minute!

Then I realised how much time in one day was wasted responding to these pings. The minutes add up. I could be in the middle of preparing dinner, ironing, writing an article; anything, but I have to stop what I'm doing and respond to the ping. It's simply ridiculous.

My husband gets on to me at night time, "you're always on that phone." My response is always, ah it's just such and such, I have to answer it, I won't be long. It feels like a reasonable answer at the time. It's not. I need down time. We all do. So this year I promise that I am going to ignore the pings. Already I feel the panic. How can I do that? It could be something important. But I need to try. I can't continue to be a slave to my phone.

My plan is to have designated times during the day to respond to my phone especially when I am off work and relaxing in the evening. That's a good place to start, let's see how it works out.

I remember hearing that there is a new anxiety called mobile phone anxiety. I laughed at the notion. But now I can see what they mean. If my phone doesn't ping I wonder why anyone hasn't contacted me. And if it does I am a slave to it.

So 2020 is the year for less time on the phone for me. Anyone agree?

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