Tuesday 12 December 2017

Motorists snapping up new Fords

Alan Meehan
Alan Meehan

Olivia Ryan

FORD, Toyota and Hyundai topped Louth's car sales in the crucial first ten days of January, The Argus has learned.

Renault and Kia also featured in the top five listed in new figures from the Society for the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI), making it a bumper new year for car sales, and one of the largest year on year improvements in sales since the boom time.

Ford are the top selling car make in Louth, with 37 new vehicles registered, up 15.6 per cent on last year.

But it was Toyota which saw the biggest jump between the comparable ten days in 2013 and '14.

The company improved its overall sales from 21 sold in Louth during the same period last year to 35 this year, a 66.7 per cent increase.

Hyundai increased their sales in Louth by 13 per cent in the first ten days of January, with Renault showing a 54 per cent jump and Kia up 50 per cent.

Speaking about the positive start to 2014, Alan Meehan, Dealer Principal, Meehan's Ltd, Dublin Road said it was the biggest increase in year on year sales since 2007.

'We are delighted to have had such a good start to the the year, which in some cases saw demand exceed supply,' said Alan.

As a Toyota dealer, he highlights the Rav 4 and the newly designed Corolla as being the leading lights in their range.

'Both are extremely popular models, and we had a lot of pre-orders in for them by the end of 2013. It's fair to say that demand exceeded supply.'

The improvement so far this year in overall in sales across various manufacturers was 'in some ways' said Alan, due to buyers wanting to avoid owning a '13' registered car.

'There was a little bit of that last year I think, people wanting to avoid the '13' plates. But it's more likely that people are deciding that it's time to change after holding off for many years,' said Alan.

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