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Looking after wellbeing in times of Corona

A small problem can seem like a big problem until a bigger one shows up. It is hard to believe, Covid-19 didn't even have a name three months ago. Now it is affecting our every move, and big and small decisions across the globe - for individuals, families, businesses, communities, governments and countries. We are facing uncertainty in the extreme at a global level. It is a time of unprecedented challenge and change all around the world.

Connect with your inner stillness

When there is chaos in the world around us and chaos inside of us, we go around in circles. When there is chaos outside and stillness inside, we can navigate our best way forward in any situation. At a time when we need our inner resourcefulness more than ever, it is more important for all of us to take a bit of time each day to slow down and be still.

We experience peace in the space between our thoughts, so slowing our minds down through meditation and relaxation recharges our batteries and helps us bring a fresh perspective to whatever we are doing.

In my experience, the difficulties in life can bring out the best and the worst in people. For the most part, the best triumphs but we have seen signs of both these last weeks.

A friend who is a healthcare worker shared a lovely text from her neighbour who had cut her grass in appreciation of her role in selflessly helping people on the front line of this pandemic. My own mother's carers have been particularly supportive and attentive as they are always.

And on the other side, there are stories of people stealing things out of other people's shopping trolleys in the supermarket. Fear can make people behave in the most extreme of ways. Fear is also a major cause of stress.

Here are 10 things you can do to make the best of these challenging times we are facing:

What to do?

1. Follow the precautions around social distancing, hygiene, health and isolation of the HSE and other relevant authorities.

2. Stay informed but don't feed fear or spread panic. Be considerate and responsible in your conversations.

3. Take care of logistics and finances. Get your finances under control and apply for whatever supports and insurances you are entitled to, particularly if you need them to tide you over. Communicate clearly with others around financial matters and any limitations you may have. At the best of times, money is the thing that worries people most.

4. Be positive and resourceful-Remember we need 3 positive thoughts to counter 1 negative. Too many negative thoughts can easily put us into a downward cycles of depression and anxiety.

5. Take time to relax your mind each today. If you have lots to do, a minute of unburdening your mind will make you more focussed and productive. By simply focusing on your breath, you can bring your mind to the now and balance. Doing this effectively closes all the open files in your head so you bring a fresh perspective to whatever you are doing enabling you to solve problems more easily.

6. Do things that make you feel good about yourself and life. I have heard stories of people in China using the time to learn a language. Or you can complete home improvements or other projects on your list.

7. Reach out to loved ones, friends and people around you.

8. Have quality conversations and reflection. These times can often open our minds and hearts to more authentic and deeper conversations with people as we pull back from the hustle and bustle and are more grounded in the basics of life.

9. Help others. Over the last few days I have heard many inspiring stories of kindness and people reaching out to elderly neighbours and vulnerable groups.

10.Take care of yourself. And others. We are all connected as this is virus is reminding us.

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