Wednesday 21 March 2018

Edel's weight loss journey

Edel McMullan.
Edel McMullan.

A Dundalk radio producer has spoken of her 'joy' at winning the weight loss battle.

Edel McMullan, who works with Dundalk FM lost a stone and a half after joining her local Unislim.

Speaking about her decision to sign up, Edel told the Argus: 'I knew the pounds were piling on as my clothes got tighter and tighter, and could not motivate myself to do anything about it.'

'I produce a programme Town Talk on Dundalk FM and Mary McArdle from Unislim was a guest on a programme I happened to be presenting that morning.

'I told Mary I was feeling very unhappy about my weight, and the fact that nothing was fitting me any more.

She invited me to a meeting that was taking place that very night.'

She described how she signed up, and has never looked back.

'I went to my first meeting on April 26th and got weighed. No surprise I had gained weight,' said Edel.

But with the help and advice of the Unslim weight loss programme that Mary introduced me to I have lost weight.'

'I found it extremely easy to follow, and was never hungry. The pounds started to drop off. I feel so much more healthy and my energy levels have increased.'

She added that it was the support of other members which also spurred her on from week to week.

'I have met some great people, who are all very supportive of each other, and I would advise anyone who is thinking of joining a slimming club to take the first steps.'

You will be very glad you did. I know that I Unislim Dundalk meetings have moved from the Imperial hotel.

The group, led by Mary McArdle, now meet at the Gaels GFC on the Ramparts on Wednesday evenings from 5pm to 7.15, and again on Thursday morning from 8.15a.m to 10.30 for the weight and go.

The motivational talk, which is a key factor in successful slimming , takes place from 10.30 am to 11.30.

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