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Dundalk Photo Society garner praise on international stage


Judge Richie Hach with Gabriel O’Shaughnessy and his image ‘Portrait of a friend’

Judge Richie Hach with Gabriel O’Shaughnessy and his image ‘Portrait of a friend’

Judge Richie Hach with Gabriel O’Shaughnessy and his image ‘Portrait of a friend’

Dundalk Photographic Society have again confirmed their presence on the world stage by being placed twelfth in the FIAP world cup with photographer Arthur Carron being awarded a judge's medal for his colour portrait 'Lola'.

Dundalk Photographic Society received a score of 186 points while first place was 215 points. FIAP is a federation of national federations, a globa photographic body with thousands of clubs and members across the globe.

The local club is currently the highest placed Irish one in the FIAP world cup and had to submit a panel of 20 images, half colour, half monchrome.

Senior club members Denis Whelehan, Colm Kane, and Dave Martin are the DPS competition selectors and who were tasked with the job of selecting the images to represent the club.

From the membership of DPS, 14 photographers had images selected and with one of the rules of the competition stipulating that any photographer can have a maximum of two titles per panel, this allowed DPS to demonstrate the depth of talented photographers there are among its membership.

Those who had images deemed suitable for the competition were: club chairman Tony McDonnell, Arthur Carron, Gabriel O'Shaughnessy, David Martin, Damien O'Malley, Colm Kane, Charlie Flynn, Marty Garland, Denis Whelehan and Brendan Tumilty.

Images from the club's intermediate group of photographers were from Clodagh Tumilty, Pat McHenry, Simon Mullen and Conor McEneaney. In addition, the in-house competitions in DPS have produced some excellent images in round one of the non-advanced competition five images were awarded maximum marks of 20 points, and two of these were captured by Aga Glowala who is new to the competition.

Maeve Ahern also achieved two top scores for her colour print images both of which were in the street photography category and both of which possessed a strong artistic element.

Maeve also had two images in the monochrome section which also had a similar style and scored 19 and 18 points. John McGee had a strong set of travel images two of which gained 19 points each.

Alan Carolan was also awarded 20 points for his monochrome nature/still life image.

In house judge on the night, Damien O'Malley who remarked on how particularly high the standard was considering it was the first round and the first foray into a photographic competition for many.

However, only one image could be awarded image of the month and it was a colour image titled 'Girl with Balloon', a street image by Maeve Ahern.

The second round of the non-advanced competition had in house international judge Denis Whelehan scanning the club wall, which was populated with a fantastic array of images produced by the non-advanced members.

Denis awarded three images the top marks of 20 points. Only one monochrome image achieved top marks and this was captured by Maeve Ahern.

Denis awarded two colour prints the maximum score one of which was a nature image captured by Aga Glowala and the second colour image getting maximum points was a superb portrait captured during one of the club's studio workshop nights, which was taken by Alex Loshkarev.

Alex titled his portrait image 'Mysterious' which Denis awarded image of the month.

The DPS intermediate and senior competitions kicked off under the eyes of visiting judge Gerry Kerr, no stranger to DPS and a judge with a lot of national experience.

Before he started, he expressed his belief that it was never an easy job judging in DPS such is the standard of the work and trying to separate by awarding points was always difficult.

Mr Kerr from Celbridge did his job and the result of which was that among the intermediate group three authors were awarded the maximum 20 points.

Evalds Gaspazins had two twenties awarded one in the monochrome section and another in the colour section Evalds has treated the membership of DPS for quite some time now too superb landscape and nature images while carrying out very little adjustment in his digital development stage.

Conor McEneaney new into the intermediate section also produced a monochrome image which achieved the magic 20 points and Conor McBride the 2014 no-advanced photographer of the year made his point by scoring 20 points for one of his colour images in his first round in the intermediate section.

With a particularly large group of photographers competing in the senior section it was no surprise when all the images were displayed that there would be a battle this season to even qualify for a place in the end of year final, only the six highest scoring photographers from the first six rounds are permitted to compete in the end of year final.

Six images were awarded the sought after 20 points, Damien O'Malley had two monochrome and one colour image score 20 points. Gabriel O'Shaughnessy received 20 points for both of his colour prints while one of Arthur Carron's colour images also was awarded 20 points. There were a lot of second and third inspections of all the intermediate and senior 20 point images by Mr Kerr before he selected a colour image titled 'Girl by Window' and awarded it image of the month, captured by Damien O'Malley.

The senior and intermediate second competition was Judged by visiting judge Richie Hatch a well respected and sought-after architectural photographer who is known to most of the club membership and a member of the mid-Louth photography club.

Richie has a reputation in DPS of always delivering his critique in a smooth and factual manner.

The intermediate images which sounded Richie's praise were Gary Murphy's monochrome travel image gaining 20 points five other images; in the intermediate section were awarded 19 points.

The senior photographers managed four works which were deemed worthy of the 20 points. Gabriel O'Shaughnessy and Damien O'Malley had monochrome images gain the 20 points while Tony McDonnell and Arthur Carron had colour prints which were awarded 20 points.

Unfortunately, only one image can be crowned image of the month and this time Richie chose a three-quarter length portrait shot in monochrome, an image which was subtly different from the norm, this image was titled 'Portrait of a Friend' captured by the previous two years in a row DPS photographer of the year Gabriel O'Shaughnessy.

The standing at the third way point in the DPS competitions put in the senior section Arthur Carron in the lead with 152 points followed very closely by Gabriel O'Shaughnessy with 151 points.

In the intermediate section Conor McEneaney leads on 148 points while Evalds Gaspazins follows only two points down with 146 points. The non-advanced photographers have Meave Ahern out in the lead with 152 points with John McGee close by on 146 points.

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