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Don't be embarrassed by a health concern


The change in my nails prompted me to seek advice

The change in my nails prompted me to seek advice

The change in my nails prompted me to seek advice

Are you embarrassed by your health condition? I know I am. Look at the photo on this page. That's my nail. Talk about being embarrassed, I am hiding my nails from you when I am talking to you at the store.

The change in my nails was sudden. I am sure of this because I was manicuring my nails regularly before my niece's wedding in July and my nails were in great condition then.

I asked my doctor what she thought. She told me that I was deficient in calcium and to take a supplement with vitamin D. So I decided that I would go back on my Better You Vitamin D + K oral spray, and the NHP Osteosupport that I normally take.

The Osteopsupport contains magnesium and calcium, as well as digestive enzymes. I told my doctor that I had consulted the internet and to the best of my knowledge they were beau lines. But of course, ultimately, you know yourself; I could end up dead, as there could be any number of causes when you consult the internet. She hadn't seen nails like this before so she is looking into it for me.

But, one interesting theory that I read about is trauma. Trauma could be a cause of these lines. And you may remember me telling you about my fall at the wedding in July. While it may not have been the most traumatic event possible, it was a severe trauma to me. So I am putting my money on that possibility.

Now, six months on, the lines are growing out. I am optimistic that that will be end of the problem. They are very ugly looking, so I will be glad to be seeing the back of them.

This got me thinking about how you might feel if you have a health issue that doesn't look great. It can be embarrassing, it really can. I understand. But, we won't get a solution unless we ask. So, my message is, don't be embarrassed by your health concern, believe me, we have seen it all before. Call in for and see how we can help.

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