Tuesday 21 November 2017

Determined Korey sheds the stones

Korey Callan-Bolton with Aura Fitness instructor Karl Gordon.
Korey Callan-Bolton with Aura Fitness instructor Karl Gordon.

Margaret Roddy

Dundalk schoolboy Korey Callan once got slagging from his classmates over his weight but now they are complimenting him after he shed an amazing three-and-a-half stones.

The 15-year-old from Belfry Drive decided to get fit and lose weight last January after tipping the scales at almost 18 stone.

'We got him a gym membership for Aura and he started following a programme set out by his personal trainer and he also joined Slimming World' said his mum Kathleen, who is proud of his achievements.

Korey, who is a third year student at the Marist College, said he got a lot of slagging at school but now he has people coming up to him saying 'well done' since he has lost weight.

He said that once he began losing weight, he started to enjoy keeping fit.

'I lost about a stone-and-a-half between January and June and since June I've lost another two stone,' he said.

'I'm 14 stone now and I want to get down to 12 stone.'

'I go to the gym six or seven nights a week and I also play basketball and rugby for the school.'

Shane Smith, duty manager at Aura gym, said Korey's success has inspired them to launch a fitness programme especially designed as teens.

'We have just started a new programme for teens called YOLO (You Only Live Once),' he said.

After their initial assessment with a personal trainers, the teens are given a programme to follow and check in with the trainer every week to see how they are progressing.

'The idea is to keep them motivated and, as well as the fitness progamme, they are given a food diary and information on nutrition and healthy eating,' said Shane.

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