Thursday 14 December 2017

Communities urged to get 'winter ready'

NORTH Louth councillor Edel Corrigan has called on local people to be 'winter ready' as the local authority rolls out its gritting programme.

'As the winter gritting programme started in Louth on October 14 and while staff will be on stand by for instruction to grit roads according to weather forecasts, people need to ensure they are winter ready.'

Louth County Council have published on their website a section titled 'Winter Maintenance and Advice' where people can see Winter Gritting Route Maps.

The programme also features a link to Met Eireann's three day summary.

Councillor Corrigan continued: 'As there is unfortunately no current service from local authorities to provide winter gritting to all access routes, I would urge people to consider what measures they will have to take in order to make sure they are using and are providing safe access routes.

Areas where volumes of people will be accessing such as shops, office buildings, schools, places of worship, restaurants, community centers etc particularity need to be prepared and now is the time to start putting measures in place.'

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