Tuesday 16 January 2018

Buy a Daffodil and help those fighting cancer

Daffodil Day
Daffodil Day

Every three minutes someone in Ireland gets a cancer diagnosis. It's a diagnosis which will change their lives and those of their families, friends and colleagues.

Even though survival rates for cancer are rising, with six out of ten people now surviving cancer compared to four out of ten 20 years ago, a cancer diagnosis means that their lives will never be quite the same again.

Those who are affected by cancer - and their families - need support as they go through treatment and afterwards.

The Irish Cancer Society provides a range of services, from a free nurse helpline for those looking for information about the disease and treatment to the night nursing service for those at the end of their journey.

And everyone can help the Society in this work by getting involved in Daffodil Day which takes place on Friday March 24.

Last year the Society's Night Nursing service delivered over 8,000 nights of care to cancer patients in their homes throughout Ireland including sixty-seven people in Louth who received 376 nights of care.

The Irish Cancer Society volunteer driver service was used by one cancer patient from Louth to get to their treatment. This service operates in 21 hospitals around the country and transports patients to and from their chemotherapy treatment.

Grants totalling €8,100 were provided to sixteen Louth families through the Society's Financial Support Programme which supports parents of children who are undergoing cancer treatment and experiencing financial hardship.

The Society also funds important research here in Ireland, with €20m invested into lifesaving research since 2010. This investment has supported more than 150 cancer researchers to work on a diverse range of individual or collaborative projects that will ultimately lead to better ways of diagnosing and treating cancer.

One of the Society's main fundraising event is Daffodil Day, which see hundreds of passionate volunteers in every county in Ireland take to the streets.

This year the Society needs to raise over €3m on Daffodil Day to fund these vital services and important cancer research.

The public can support Daffodil Day on 24 March by holding a coffee morning or event at home, in school or in their workplace; by registering as a volunteer to help sell daffodil pins; by buying a daffodil from one of the Daffodil Day volunteers on the streets or donating online at

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