Tuesday 23 October 2018

ARCHIVES: When boy met girl for first time in St. Mary's College

September, 1990: When boy meets girl for the first time . . . well at least in St. Mary's College, Dundalk where, at the start of the new school term in September, 1990, girls were admitted for the first time. The school which was founded in 1861 had never previously admitted girls, but Principal, Cecil Hughes said in 1990 "we must keep up with modern trends in education, and are delighted to welcome 50 girls to our school".

- Pictured above some of the new girls, Linda Crowe (left) Abbi Gilburne, Helen Dwyer, Niamh Hanna, Eve Arrowsmith, Karen McKevitt, Fiona Reenan, Ira Rogers, Patrice Birmingham and Lorraine Malone getting a welcome from some of the boys at St. Mary's.