Wednesday 21 March 2018

Ancient chamber discovered along route of new M1 motorway

September, 1993

An ancient chamber, passageway and remains of a medieval house were discovered by archaeologists working along the route of the new MI Motorway outside of Dundalk in August, 1993 The find was made in Heynestown and immediately it was sealed off for detailed examination.

Leading from the discovery of the passageway was a chamber and a little house, which archaeologist, Valerie Kerley said was a most unusual discovery.

The team also found some burned out corn which convinced them that the house was burned down at some stage.

'We think that it could have been some kind of corn drying facility', said Ms Kerley who added that they felt that there was the possibility that the buildings were on top of a souterrain where people used to take refuge.

The find was considered to be of some significance and attracted archaeologists from many parts.

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