Friday 24 May 2019

Town gig for Tom Baxter

The acclaimed singer/songwriter Tom Baxter makes a welcome return to The Spirit Store on Saturday night when fans will be delighted with the opportunity to hear him perform songs from his latest album 'The Other Side of Blue'.

This, his first official studio recording in a decade, was released in August and has been described as ' a pure, heart-warming collection of beautiful songs'.

It's been a long wait for fans as it's ten years since he released his previous studio album 'Skybound'.

September saw the English musician release 'The Uncarved Block' aka as his 'lost' album, which had previously only been available to fans at gigs.

Baxter made his name with such heart-stopping originals as 'Better,' 'Almost There' and 'Day in Verona,' and these newly released albums won't disappoint fans as they feature finely honed lyrics and ace guitar playing. He counts Tom Waits and Rufus Wainwright as among his fans and Dame Shirley Bassey and Boyzone have recorded cover versions of his songs.

Tickets, €20.

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