Thursday 24 January 2019

The Successful TD for the Táin

Having fallen victim to Storm Emma earlier in the year, The Successful TD finally makes its way to An Táin Arts Centre on Saturday May 12.

This production based John B Keane's books 'The Letters of A Successful TD' and 'An Irish

Minister of State' has been delighting audiences around the country.

Keane's witty observations of how the Irish political system works are just as relevant now as when penned back in the sixties.

This production, directed by Michael Scott and starring Jon Kenny and Mary McEvoy, had a successful run in The Gaeity..

The goings-on of Tull McAdoo as he seeks re-election to the Dail will be quite familiar to anyone with a passing knowledge of Irish politics. McAdoo, a faithful member of 'The Party' takes credit for any progress made in his patch, while his wife Peggy keeps him on his toes. He finds the Independent benches beckoning as he faces an election after he is accused of an indiscretion which he claims was no more than a friendly chat.

Tickets €20/€18.

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