Monday 19 February 2018

Seatown Festival great weekend

Dundalk after dark

Pamela and Harlow Condon, with Derek Toner, Belfry Gardens at the Seatown Festival.
Pamela and Harlow Condon, with Derek Toner, Belfry Gardens at the Seatown Festival.
Donna Conroy and Ashleigh Johnston, Bellewsbridge.
Ashley Shields, Mount Avenue, Sharon Moore, Seatown and Eibhlin Ryan, Blackrock at the Seatown Festival.
Sharon and Louise Moore, with Angela Quinn, along with Cian, Cara and Erin Goss at the Seatown Festival.
Tony O'Hagan, Avenue Road and Pat Waller, Carrick Road, who attended the Seatown Festival.
Fiona and Kaydee McGuinness, Bay Estate at the Seatown Festival.

On Saturday night I headed for the Seatown Festival which featured a host of live music out on the street and was being run by four pubs in the area McManus', Castle Bar, Donnelly's and O'Carroll's. The festivities were in full swing by the time I got there.

I wasn't too long there with I met up with Olive Watters from Villa Park and Cindy McKinley from Greenacres who told me they'd really enjoyed the Nukes, but were heading home now because Cindy was feeling a little cold and it was time for the hot whiskeys.

Not too long later I then got taking to Brendan Kerley who had come around from Broughton Street to see what all the fuss was about and was certainly making the best of it.

Next I met up with Laura McCormack from Seatown who told me she was with Evan, Claire and Jim and they were having a fantastic night, but were a bit worried about the rain.

I then caught up with my old friend Luanna Lucchesi from Happy Valley who was with Paul Lynan and Karen McGuiness who were sitting up near O'Carroll's and she assured me it was going to be a totally mad night.

After this I caught up with father and son Paul Mathews from Mill Road and Paul Jnr whom I was told were just after finishing watching the Georgia V Ireland debacle and decided to come out and drown their sorrows because the Irish team were that crap.

Not too long later I then had the pleasure of meeting up with Edel Ross from Claddagh Park who told me she had been there most of the day helping BB and Colm Lally with their pop-up shop to raise money for The Birches and she had just stayed on for a bit of crack with Glenda and Martin McAvinney from Dromiskin who were on here for the bar. They were briefly joined by one of my favourite post mistresses, yes it was Lorraine Taaffe from Dublin Street PO who was having a great laugh with Edel.

Making my way through the crowds I then caught up with a very busy Gregory Gormley from the Castle Bar and Russells who was on top of his head making sure the night was running smoothly and he was with his dad Noel from Carrick Road and sister Colette Dolan from Blackrock too.

I then headed over for a word with Sonya Caldwell from Lennonstown Manor who was having a right old time of it with Nigel and Adrienne Caldwell from Manydown Close and they were there along with Stephen and Alison White from Manydown Close, Nuala Mullen from Point Road, Gillian Caldwell from St. Josephs Park, Siobhan Jordan from Point Road, and Niamh Cumiskey from Castletown Road. Nigel said they were there for the night and the chips were definitely going down well!

Not too long later I then met up with Pat Jackson from Woodview Terrace and Rab Hislop from Carroll Village who were having a right laugh together.

Next I had the pleasure of meeting Patrice Fahy from Suil na Mara who was with Patrick Faulkner from Avondale Park and Davina Hearty from Fr. Murray Park who were looking well and ready to make it an epic night in Seatown.

Not too long later I headed over for a chat with Ralph Richardson from Kilkerley and Jim McConville from Faughart who were there to see the Dublin City Ramblers and were really enjoying them.

After this I headed over for a chat with Kieran Stanley from Blackrock who was there celebrating his wedding anniversary with his wife of one year Dymphna and they were having a laugh with David Dollard from Market Street.

Not too long later I had the pleasure of meeting up with Ernie and Bernie Finnegan from Dowdallshill and Anne McParland from Faughart who told me they had had a really brilliant night.

Almost too busy to talk to me was my old mate Jackie Moran from Union Street who was there with sisters Kerry, Simone and Lyndsey as well as Eoin McDonnell and they all wanted a gigantic shout out for sister Emer over in England and to tell her that she was "really missing all the crack on our street".

Finally, before I departed I then got a word with Imelda Brennan from St. Clements Park who was enjoying the music and all the crack with Rachel, Sharon and Matthew McDonagh from Riverside Drive and they were just raring to go!

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