Monday 19 March 2018

Sarah takes part in BBC2 documentary

Although not a native Irish speaker, when BBC2 asked Ardee's Aruna Sauces founder, Sarah Nic Lochlainn to take part in an Irish language documentary about Hinduism, she happily accepted.

'These two things are very close to my heart,' said Sarah, 'the Irish language and my husband's culture".

Sarah's husband and co-founder of Aruna Sauces, Sarajit Chanda, is a Hindu from Bangladesh. The couple met in Syndey in 1999 while working in a restaurant. Sarah finds Hinduism fascinating. Describing his culture, Sarajit said 'Hinduism isn't really a religion. It's our culture. It incorporates our colourful clothes, our aromatic food, our lively music, our strong sense of family and community and our ancient legends about gods and deities'.

On October 14, Hindus celebrated Durgapuja, the feast of the goddess Durga. It is the most important festival in the Bengali calendar. BBC2 visited the home of Nic Lochlainn and Chanda as they celebrated with the Bengali community in the North East.

The footage includes a precious scene of Chanda dressing his son (1) in his first traditional outfit.

I Lar an Aonaigh will be broadcast on BBC2 on Monday, November 25, at 10 p.m.

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