Sunday 19 August 2018

RTÉ cameras on the way to Lily Finnegans

It just goes to show that even a well kept secret can get out, and when it does, it can only be for the best. Well thats what they think about Thursday nights in Lily Finnegans because the RTE cameras are set to descend on the popular Whitestown venue this week.

Yes, an RTE film crew have been dispatched to Lily Finnegans to capture the atmosphere of the Acoustic Session which features Shane and Roddy McCollum and Henry Mac who have been playing there for months.

The lads have made it a regular item that some guest artists come and play with them, to keep the variety in their set and one of the favourites, John Conlon from Thin Az Lizzy has now become a regular with the group.

Although he may have his allegiances with the heavier rock side of the music genre, John is also an accomplished accordion player and is never short when it comes to playing a few jigs and reels along with plenty more.

So their closely guarded secret is about to be spread throughout the country, the camera crew are from the ‘Evening Prayer’ on RTE and usually show various well known landmarks in the area, they will visit a few thatched cottages and the old WW1 watchout post during the day, before visiting Lily’s later on to catch the boys in action.

Don’t forget about Saturday nights when The Last Word featuring Paddy Byrne returns for another great night of music.