Monday 22 July 2019

Remembering Patrick Kavanagh on a July evening

The Inniskeen Road July Evening Festival which celebrates the work of Patrick Kavanagh takes place over the weekend of July 13th and 14th.

The unique festival gives people the opportunity to get a glimpse of life in rural Ireland in the years gone by which inspired Kavanagh to write of his experiences becoming the 'authentic voice of the Irish country poor'.

Visitors to the festival are invited to walk or cycle through Kavanagh Country in 1920's/30's costume and enjoy recitals/re-enactments at many of the sites immortalised in the poet's work.

This family friendly festival gets underway on Saturday morning and includes activities for children, a guided walk in the afternoon by local historian Larry McDermott and followed at 5pm with a cycle through Kavanagh Country led by Brian Dooley.

Stop at Dooley's and Smyth's old farmhouses and enjoy refreshments, music and storytelling in these old rustic settings dating back 200 years. The day will end with a dance in Inniskeen Social Club.

Registration for Sunday's events take place at the church by the round tower at 1pm, followed by Dancing at the Deck (Pat Lennon's), re-enactments from 'The Green Fool' by Fanebank Theatre. at the house of the wedding (Tom Lennon's); wxtracts from Tarry Flynn - 'On the feast of Corpus Christi' by Fanebank Theatre, poetry recitals and music at the poet's birthplace; and Salamanca Barney's Sermon on the happenings at Drumnay crossroadsk, performed by Peter Murphy and Fanebank Theatre.

Patrick Kavanagh -V- The Leader' - Extracts from the Libel Trial. Performed by Brian Dooley & Thomas Ruddy will bring to life the infamous libel trial Patrick Kavanagh V The Leader, at Billy Brennan's Bar, where there will be music, storytelling and refreshments. Proceedings will draw to a close with a BBQ and music at Inniskeen Social Club on Sunday evening at 6pm.

For more information: Phone: 087 171 0592. E-mail:

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