Sunday 21 October 2018

Premiere role for Andrew

Andrew McGahon interviewing Conor McGregor on stage following his premiere last week.
Andrew McGahon interviewing Conor McGregor on stage following his premiere last week.

Olivia Ryan

It was a dream job for any MMA fan, and an 'incredible' experience for Dundalk man Andrew McGahon, who hosted a live interview with Conor McGregor at the world premiere of his film 'Notorious' in Dublin last week.

The 25 year old Seatown native had just 48 hours to prepare for the role, where he led a live interview with McGregor at the screening, which in turn was broadcast to 250 cinema screens across UK and Ireland.

'Yeah it was pretty incredible to be honest, I've gone from doing my first interview with him in 2012, to doing this live Q&A at the launch of the movie,' Andrew told the Argus.

Although he only had a short window to prepare for the big event, he had his on screen experience over the last few years to kill any jitters.

'Once I heard my voice OK over the speakers, I was on a roll. Conor McGregor is fantastic to interview. When he knows he is doing media he gives so much energy and commitment to it.'

Andrew quizzed the MMA star on the film, and his rise to fame in front of the huge crowd at the premiere.

'He's an inspiration in so many ways, but I really draw from how he can switch his focus entirely to training when he needs to, and then back to other things like promotion at this event.'

Andrew's own dedication to the sport, and an up and coming career in digital media where what initially saw him land a job at McGregor's website - The MacLife - as an onscreen interviewer.

'I started training Martial Arts in 2010. I wanted to start martial arts (Brazilian JiuJitsu in particular) so I could understand what was going on in MMA fights a little bit better. I also started to write with a website and produce audio interviews from the events that I covered. The show finished up and a few years later in 2012 I started to work with a website called SevereMMA. It provided dedicated coverage to the sport of Irish MMA on a local level. It was during these early years I got my first interviews with guys who would go on to be signed by the UFC like Conor McGregor, Neil Seery, Cathal Pendred, andPaddy Holohan. 'Then On New Years Eve 2012 in the Helix in Dublin I interviewed Conor on camera for the first time.' It was that interview that helped change Andrew's life, leading to a new career as an online presenter, where he could edit, research, produce and direct his own material. 'I'm actually just preparing to launch my own youtube channel, Sonder productions, which has nothing to do with MMA. It draws from the incredible life stories of people I have met during these last few years, travelling, and competing in Brazilian JuiJitsu. People from all walks of life, looking at their passions, and what gets them out of bed in the morning. I'm really excited to let people see the other side of what I have been doing. At 25 years old I feel I have achieved a lot. I think it's important to go after what you believe in.'

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