Wednesday 26 September 2018

Praise from Hollywood for author Mulholland's 'magnetic' new novel

Mark Mulholland
Mark Mulholland

Anne Campbell

TWO of Hollywood's leading actors, Liam Neeson and Jeremy Irons, along with the UK Channel 4's newscaster Jon Snow, have commented enthusiastically on the recently published Dundalk novel 'A Mad and Wonderful Thing'.

Liam Neeson this week commented on the Dundalk-based book: 'I thought it excellent. Deeply satisfying and moving. I also think that sufficient time has passed since the Good Friday Agreement to, at last, have a novel that goes inside the head of one of the 'Troubles' protagonists and hear the pros and cons of the conflict (to take up arms or not,) told in an original and exciting way. All Mark's hard work has paid off. Ireland has a new and exciting voice.'

Jeremy Irons said about the novel: 'A great read. I enjoyed this book very much.'

And the influential Jon Snow says of 'A Mad and Wonderful Thing': 'Remarkable, it in some way insisted itself upon me. It's an emotional, shocking, gorgeous read, rooted in such painful reality. And I'm grateful, so grateful to Mark Mulholland for writing such a magnetic and lyrical read.'

Mark says he's delighted with the feedback. 'It is an extraordinary thing that the three great men above have read the book. And not just that they read it but that each has taken the time to express their reactions so deliberately and openly, and to comment so warmly. Fair play to them.'

Mark will be giving a series of talks on his writing during the upcoming Brisbane Writers' Festival, and later in September, too, in Melbourne.

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