Thursday 22 August 2019

Peninsula showcased at 'Convoy to Cooley'

Francis Carroll

In glorious sunshine huge crowds descended on Fr McEvoy Park over the weekend for the Convoy to Cooley.

From the opening parade on Saturday afternoon featuring vintage cars and tractors and trucks, through to Nathan Carter bringing the event to a close on Sunday, it was a success all the way.

The home of Cooley Kickhams was certainly buzzing over the two days, and a lot of money was raised for the Gaelic football club, the Maria Goretti Foundation in Lordship and Newry-based Head Injury Support.

There was also a truck show and performances from some of the top country singers around, and their fans were not disappointed.

'As always in the peninsula, when they do something, they do it well,' said Cllr Erin McGreehan who enjoyed the weekend with her family.

'The crowds spoke for themselves. The set-up was very professional and of course, you had the scenery. Everything worked out well.'

Erin continued the weather was great and there was something for all ages.

'I enjoyed it and so did my family. You couldn't say anything bad about it.'

She continued the organisational skills were fabulous, with lots of volunteers going around in their hi-vis jackets.

One of the workers on duty was Cllr Antoin Watters.

'It was a great success. The weather helped as the crowds over both days enabled a lot of money to be raised,' he said.

'Sunday was a family day and the whole event showed how important Cooley Kickhams is to the north Louth area.'

Antoin added he spoke to people who had travelled from all over the country, including visitors from Cork and Waterford.

'It is hoped to continue the Convoy to Cooley next year,' he continued.

At Monday's meeting of Louth county council, on Cllr McGreehan's proposal, a vote of congratulations was passed with the organisers of the weekend.

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