Friday 18 January 2019

Malachy's Girls Class of 1973 reunite

Marie Richardson, Dunleer, Mary Reilly, Park Street and Sandra Flanagan, Clogherhead at the St. Malachy’s Girls’ NS class of 1973 reunion night in The Windsor Bar
Marie Richardson, Dunleer, Mary Reilly, Park Street and Sandra Flanagan, Clogherhead at the St. Malachy’s Girls’ NS class of 1973 reunion night in The Windsor Bar
Briege McKeown, Muirhevnamor, Caroline Tumilty, Ard Easmuinn and Linda Sweeney, Ard Easmuinn

Dundalk After Dark

On Saturday night I headed for the Windsor Bar and Restaurant where a class reunion was being held for the 6th Class of St. Malachys Girls School from 1973. The idea for the night was the brainchild of a group of ladies after one of them found a photo of one of the classes when they were in 3rd class and it sparked off the idea for the reunion.

Main organiser Mary Gaskin from Williamsons Place said that she, Patricia McKey from Parnell Park, Linda Sweeney from Ard Easmuinn and Margaret Hearty from Anne Street met up about six weeks ago, set about getting in contact with all the girls from both classes, put up a Facebook page and got a huge response from all their old mates.

I wasn't long in the door when I met up with Marcella McEneaney who had travelled from Belfast and was chatting to Linda Sweeney from Ard Easmuinn who told me it was a real blast from the past meeting up with all the girls again.

The lady responsible for the giant photo of the 3rd class girls was Eilish Sands from Ard Easmuinn who admitted she didn't recognise everyone but was looking forward to a good night with them.

After this I travelled over for a word with Catherine Walsh from Long Avenue and Anne Sweeney from Dublin Road who were chatting to Anne Hand from Carrick Road who had befriended some of the girls on Facebook but Catherine and Anne said they had opted out of social media, but were contactable and were all delighted to be there.

Next I met up with Carol Tumilty from Ard Easmuinn who said she recognised most and was delighted with the turn out and assured me it would be anything but a quiet night.

She introduced me to Anne Grimes from Kilkerley who said it was great to see all the girls again and they were all connecting after all those years.

I made my way over for a quick word with Julia McCourt from Park Street who was having a laugh with Briege Brennan from Hughes Park who admitted they knew quite a few of the girls and said it was 48 years since the photo was taken.

After this I got talking to Maria McGeough from Kilkerley and Maria Richardson from Ard Easmuinn who tried to tell me they were too old to party, sorry girls I didn't believe that for one minute.

Beside them I had a word with Margaret Hearty from Anne Street and Mary Reilly from Park Street who were delighted to see all their old classmates again and were in great form.

They were joined by Anne Brady from Kilkerley, Muirne O'Hanlon from Ard Easmuinn and Fiona Smyth from Carrick Road who said it was just a wonderful night.

Next I caught up with Jennifer Mulholland from Hill Street who is home on holidays from Australia, she went out in 1986 and has been living there ever since. Although she has been home a few times she was delighted to be back together with all her old classmates.

Making my way through the crowds I had the pleasure of meeting up with Mary McKey from Carrick Road, Eithne Kearney for Parnell Park, Adrienne Matthews from Kincora Terrace and Frances Lynch from Coxes Demesne who said they meet each other from time to time, but it's just great to all get together for a laugh about old times.

Also in their company were Elizabeth Clarke from Long Avenue who told me she had all the names, it was just fitting them to the faces that wasn't going well.

Just in the door were Sharon Molloy from Beechmount Drive who told me she thought all the girls were all looking really well and I had to agree with her.

I then headed over for a chat with Muriel Kerr from Park Street who was happy to be amongst all her old class mates but it was taking her a wee bit of time to remember everyone, as it was with all the girls there.

After this I got talking to Theresa Martin from Carrick Road who said it was really great seeing all the girls after all these years.

Not too long later I got a word with Anne Donnelly from Oakland Park who joined up with Sharon and said the faces were no problem, it was just the names that might need a little encouragement.

Finally before I departed I got talking to Mary Boyle from Railway Terrace and Catherine Boyle from Louth Village who said they were so looking forward to the night to find out how everyone is keeping. A long night, I'd be guessing it certainly was!

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