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Local finalists selected for IYMA prizes

The next generation of talented young musicians gathered in The Spirit Store recently for the Louth heats of the Irish Youth Music Awards (IYMAs)

The IYMAs is an annual all island youth music project run by Youth Work Ireland aimed at creating teamwork and friendship at local level, while providing first contact work experience and education in a variety of subjects associated with the music and creative industries. Youth Work Ireland Louth hosted the county's live selection night on Thursday January 16, with Barry Lennon, the Irish Youth Music Awards National Director, explaining how the awards work.

Barry outlined how each band/ soloist has to perform two songs, one an original and the other cover.

The acts competing on the night were: Cian Savage,a soloist from Dundalk Youth Centre, who performed his original song Devil in Disguise and the cover '9 Crimes', the band 'Below Zero' also represented Dundalk Youth Centre, and performed their original song 'Strongest Part of M'e and the cover song 'The messenger'. Euphoria, another band from Dundalk Youth Centre, performed their original song 'Sober' and the cover 'Teenagers', and band Never Silent, also from Dundalk Youth Centre, performed their original song 'Quarter past 4' and the cover song ' Crush/Crush/Crush'..

Toberona Youth Club was represented by the duo Carmen and Mia who performed their original song 'If Only' and the cover song 'Thousand Years'

As the voting took place to see who would represent Louth in the national finals in Croke Park later in the year, there were performances from Naoise Duffy, who was part of 2019 winning team and appears on the volume 12 Irish youth music awards album, and Bobby Bankole, wo was part of 2015 winning team and appears on 2015 album.

The results of the voting saw Euphoria selected as Representing Act while 'Quarter past 4' by Never Silent was picked as Best Song.

All the young people whi participated in the local live selections event now become part of the local support team. They will be assigned different jobs and various tasks including photography, social media, marketing and video production. Each group will be judged on the jobs they do as well as getting the opportunity to attend the National Final in Dublin in May 2020.

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