Monday 23 July 2018

Lisa wins Comedian of the Year Award

Lisa Casey who was named as Comedian of the Year.
Lisa Casey who was named as Comedian of the Year.

Dundalk woman Lisa Casey was named as the Comedian of the Year at the Vodafone Comedy Carnival in Galway over the Halloween Bank Holiday weekend.

The 26 year old wooed the judges, who included Barry Murphy, with her routine, winning the top prize of a trip to Australia, where she hopes to take in a number of comedy festivals.

'I did a very joke heavy set and they said it had some of the best joke writing they had seen in a long time,' says a delighted Lisa.

A past-pupil of Dun Lughaidh, Lisa did art and animation at O'Fiaich College and Ballyfermot College before dipping her toe in the world of comedy three years ago.

'It was something I always wanted to do as I would have watched the likes of Tommy Tiernan and Jason Byrne on television, but it took me a while to get the courage to do it,' she says. 'Now it would be the likes of Milton Jones and Dave McSavage who inspire me to get out there and do it.'

Admitting that she was nervous and awkward about going on stage at first, she developed a stage personae for her somewhat surreal routine.

'My on stage character talks about going to therapy and pyscology and it's a bit out there,' she explains, although she has long since put any stage nerves behind her.

While there still fewer women than men doing comedy, Lisa says she forgets about gender roles when she's on stage.

'Yes, I suppose the first thing the audience thinks is 'that's a woman on stage' but my job is to make them forget that and focus on my comedy.'

Local audiences get the chance to see Lisa on stage when she takes part in the Christmas variety show in aid of the Make A Wish Foundation in An Tain Arts Centre at the beginning of December.

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