Wednesday 20 March 2019

Karate Club host annual awards

Thea Mulholland, Oaklawns, and Bridget Curtis, Inniskeen.
Thea Mulholland, Oaklawns, and Bridget Curtis, Inniskeen.
Michelle Carthy, Fatima, and Ludmila Novikova, Red Barns Road
Maria Hoey, Castleross, and Brian Igoe, Mount Avenue Stadium.

Dundalk After Dark

On Saturday night I headed for the Dundalk Stadium where Dundalk Karate Club were hosting their annual awards and a huge crowd had turned out specially for the occasion.

The club, who practise every Monday and Thursday nights in the Redeemer Community Centre, recently had two of its members taking party in European Championships in Liège in Belgium where they brought home a silver medal.

I was only in the door when I met up with club secretary Maria Hoey from Castleross who was with husband Nicholas and kids Nicole, Conor and Liam. Maria and Liam are the club members and were delighted to be there enjoying the night presentation night.

After this I headed over for a word with Scott McEvoy from Redbarns Road who only joined the club last year and says it the best thing ever. He was sitting beside Conor Hoey from Castleross who said he doesn't take part with the cub but was there as moral support on the night.

Beside them were Brian and Arlene McKeown from Brid-a-crinn who were with 'Karate kid' Ryan who is with the club and loving it!

Not too far away I then got a word with Norma-Jean and Mark Faulkner from Farndreg whose daughter Sofia Comiskey who had just won a sponsorship award and, I was told, was never misses a class.

Not too far away I met up with Michelle, David, Josh and Nicole Carthy from Fatima who told me that Josh is in the all-inclusive class and is loving it, this at the time when he's going up to receive his award.

I then headed over for a chat with Sensei Mary Marcus' daughter Elizabeth who was taking a break from college to come down and support her mum and she was with main squeeze Donal Hehir from Dublin who was hugely impressed with the presentation night.

Heading for another table I caught up with Louis Prieto from Lis Na Dara who was with award winning son David and they were having a laugh with Serjas Korzenevies from Greenfield Court and his award-winning son Artiom and the lads wouldn't miss their karate for anything.

Making my way towards another table I then got taking to Thea and Abigail Mulholland from Oaklawns who have both been with the club for 3 years and really enjoying it.

Thea was having a laugh with Brigid Curtis from Inniskeen whose fiancée Michael Laverty from Lis Na Dara has been training for the last 4 yours too.

I caught up with Sensei Mary Marcus from Bay Estate who told me the club runs on Mondays and Thursdays with the Wee Ninjas and All Inclusive clubs, for people with special needs, both running early in the evening. Once it hits 8.00 pm, then it's time for all other members to practise and everyone is welcome to come along and join.

Next I headed over for a word with Ludmila Nuikova from Lennonstown Manor who said her son Ivan has been with the club for 2 years and is really happy training with them.

Beside Ludmila I then got a word with Claire McCann from Mount Avenue who told me kids Ronan (4 years) and Katie (2 years) really love the classes but Orlagh is only three and has to wait until she is four before she can join the club.

I then headed over to a table where I caught up with Mannie and Dina Tsikoudakis from Knockbridge whose son George was the recipient of a medal and a certificate on the night and were all having a lovely time.

At an adjacent table were Caitriona, Aoife and Brian McGee from Point Road who were with Rosie, Aoife and Conn who were enjoying the club and the presentation night.

Next I got taking to Sean Walsh from Dunleer and Eleanor Curran from Ard Easmuinn who were with Sean Clelland from Bay Estate and silver medal winner Catherine Marcus from Bay Estate who was delighted to have represented the club in Liège and to be there on the night at presentation night.

Next I got a word with Jacob Viliusis, Eivyna Viliusyte, Adriana Viliusyte, Irmina Viliusiene, Ryolùnas Liluusis and Arvidas Viliusis who were delighted to be party of the club, the kids love it and were even sponsoring one of the events on the night.

Finally, before I departed, I then got talking to Geraldine and Geoff Kelledy from Dunleer who were with 'karate kids' Gemma and Emily who told me they totally love the club and were having a great night at the awards ceremony.

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