Wednesday 21 March 2018

Gigantic a brilliant title but not without its flaws

Gigantic (Xbox One): 8/10

Gigantic is a definite recommendation for any MOBA fans who want to take a break from Overwatch.
Gigantic is a definite recommendation for any MOBA fans who want to take a break from Overwatch.

Chris Hayes - Game Review

When it comes to MOBA's (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), there can be no denying that the top spot in the market is firmly and deservedly occupied by Blizzard's Overwatch. Can Motiga's newest MOBA Gigantic dethrone Blizzard's juggernaut? The short answer is: no. For the long answer, read on.

There's currently only one way to play Gigantic: a 5v5 battle where teams must gather energy to power the massive monsters that sit on either side of the arena. These Guardians are far more interesting than ordinary MOBA objectives because they're active participants rather than stationary punching bags, and the few times they battle each other during a match are always exciting. .

The sheer amount of content in Gigantic is something that exceeded my expectations for the game. At launch, Gigantic ships with 19 heroes, all of whom are equally colourful and bursting with character. While it may be initially obvious what character achetypes each hero falls into, further examination will show that each of Gigantic's combatants are a blend of ideas and disciplines.

Such an incredibly varied lineup allows for a lot of experimentation with play styles. There's nothing stopping you from exploring new ideas, seeing what works for you and what doesn't, all while having a blast with Gigantic's quirks and personality.

The aforementioned points give Gigantic a delightful ebb-and-flow, although I do still have a few gripes with the game. The arenas you fight in are bright and vibrant, but otherwise unexciting, featuring almost no memorable interactivity. While the perk system might be a good concept, actually accessing it and selecting each perk is a pain. Entering the clucky upgrade menu renders your character defenceless, so you can't safely choose a new perk unless you're waiting to respawn or you've retreated from action to find a quiet spot only to have sacrificed your momentum.

Gigantic is a free-to-play game, so naturally in-game currency is a thing and can be purchased. However, the Fortune Card challenge system makes earning money for unlocking new characters and skins more fun than the standard grind. Each card you get comes with a challenge to complete, ranging from easy ones like inflicting X amount of damage on a Guardian to tougher character-specific challenges and straightforward ones like hitting a certain level with your account.

Gigantic is a brilliant title that is not without its flaws. A definite recommendation for anyone who wants to take a break from Overwatch.

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