Monday 22 July 2019

Gamers Run for the Border at Spirit Store meet up

Video game developers from north and south are meeting up in the Spirit Store on Saturday as the two largest game organisations on the island Games NI, and Imirt from the South host Run fro the Border.

The event, which has been in the planning for a number of months, will bring together over 150 game developers and enthusiasts for an international cross-border clash of clans. It is expected that this will be the largest ever gathering of independent game developers throughout the island of Ireland.

'Our two communities don't get together nearly enough,' says Kevin Beimers of Northern Irish

game development studio Italic Pig, and events coordinator for Games NI. "We know one another

through social media and occasional visits, and tend to get together at worldwide events, but rarely

do a Northern developers travel to Southern events, or vice versa. "

'There is incredible talent on both sides of the border," adds Elaine Reynolds, Imirt board member and CEO of Simteractive in Dublin. 'Having these two game development communities so close to each other, yet rarely actively interacting, is something that definitely needs to change.'

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