Monday 19 March 2018

Fundraising quiz night brings out the crowds

Bryan McKenna and Linda Lawlor, Greenacres.
Bryan McKenna and Linda Lawlor, Greenacres.

ON Friday night we headed for the Avenue Inn where a special fundraising table quiz was taking place for the Kevin Bell Trust in memory of Adrian Sheehan originally from Greenacres who passed away in Boston a couple of weeks ago and a huge crowd turned out especially to take part in the quiz and honour a young man well known in the area.

I was only in the door when I met up with main organisers Aine Sharkey from Greenacres and Barry Malone from Muirhevnamor who were busy making sure the night was a huge financial success and couldn't wait for quizmaster Peter Dollard from Glenmore Park to get the brain teasers going and everyone was asked to keep their hands off Google Search for the answers!

I then decided to have a look round to see who was there and first met up with Adrian's aunt Bernie Carroll from Greenacres who was there with Lynn Kennedy from Dromiskin as well as his cousins Michelle Carroll from Toberona and Gillian Carroll from Maple Close and Bernie and Lynn told me they were really looking forward to the night.

Making my way to another table I then got talking to footballing legend Conor Murphy from Maple Close who was with his main woman Sheena Heslin also from Maple Close and Paul Fee from Brookwood Lawns who told me they had all the answers, but were they in all the right order, I wondered!

Making my way over to another table I then got talking to Orla and Paul Malone from Ashbrook who were with Paul's sister Anne Malone and Joey Bradley both from Belfast who were there to support the night for such a good cause.

Not too far away I then got talking to Roisin Sharkey from Kilkerley who was with Bernie Quigley from Faughart, Shona Rice from McSwiney Street who were positive about having all the answers, but were troubled about whether they were going to come out at the right time too.

Next I then got talking to Mairead Rice from McSwiney Street, John McGurk from Armagh Road, Bronagh Doherty and Mark Condon from Lennonstown Manor and Leon Rice from Tallanstown who told me they were definitely there to win the quiz and were looking forward to a good night too.

Seated close by were Brian McKenna and Linda Dollard from Villa Park who were in great form and told me they were definitely going to do well in the quiz.

Making my way over to another group I then had the pleasure of talking to Ciara Casey from Oaklawns who was having a great laugh with Niamh Mulholland from Willow Grove who was with Brian O'Gorman from Greenacres, Jacqueline Burns and Madeline Sharkey also from Greenacres who told me they were there to collect all the prizes, they were the first there for the quiz and were definitely going to be the last to go too.

Also in their company and with the same sentiments were Lisa Sharkey, Serena Tuite, Helen Gray, Robert Parkin and Teresa Delduca all from Greenacres who assured me it was going to be a totally great night, for such a good cause and they hoped they raised loads a money.

Meanwhile up near the bar I then got talking to Eamonn McEneaney from Ashbrook who was on the packed team with Sean McQuillan from Greenacres and Budgie Mulligan from Cluan Enda, although Budgie was there, I don't think the lads had told him he was going to be part of the team yet.

Not too far away and also at the bar were father and son Brian and Neil Matthews from Greenacres who were with Johnny Campbell from Laurel Grove who told me they mightn't be taking part in the quiz, they were definitely there to support the night.

Making my way through the crowds I got talking to Michelle Carroll from Toberona who was having a laugh with Joanne Woods from Lennonstown Manor who told me they were with Eamonn O'Hagan from The Quay and they were definitely going to make the best of the fundraiser.

Finally, I caught up with Neil Gartlan from Oaklawns who told me he was with his main woman Ciara Casey whom I'd met earlier and they were looking forward to their own big day which is coming up in around nine weeks and all I could do is wish them all the best.

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