Friday 24 May 2019

Fantastic night at Michael's 70th

Michael and Sally Duffy, Saltown at Michael’s 70th birthday party
in Clan na Gael GFC community centre
Michael and Sally Duffy, Saltown at Michael’s 70th birthday party in Clan na Gael GFC community centre
Nicole and Alana Duffy
Michael Duffy and Ciaran Wiseman

Dundalk After Dark

One party that I certainly couldn't have missed at the weekend was the 70th for Michael Duffy from Saltown and there to make sure he had a fantastic night was his wife Sally, kids Ruairi and Sean, brothers Eddie, Johnny, Paddy and Gerry, sisters Nuala, Anne, Kit and Josephine along with a huge group of family and friends.

I was only I the door and the Clansman wanted to thank son Ruairi who had come home from New York with his wife Louise and kids specially for the party but also wanted a special mention for daughter Aisling in Canada and son Ronan in New York who couldn't make it and to tell them he was thinking of them.

Next I caught up with Michael's brother Gerry from The Meadows with his wife Eileen, sons Peter and Drew, daughter Susan who is home from Glasgow with her boyfriend Allan Sheridan also from Glasgow. Gerry attempted to tell me it was going to be a quiet celebration, with the Duffy's out in force, I was thinking the exact opposite!

Making my way over to an adjacent table I got a quick word with Michael's sister Nuala Flanagan from Drogheda who was with husband Joe and daughters Linda and Sandra and her husband Patrick McDonnell from Grangebellew. Nuala, who was with her friends Mary and Jimmy Louth from Ashling Park, said she just loves the bones of him!

Not too far away I then caught up with Naoise Weldon and Ciara Finan both from Louth Village with her husband Garreth and Tiernan Weldon from Darver who all wanted to wish Uncle Michael all the best on his 70th.

Making my way over the hall to another table I then got a word with Vinny and Lisa Rogers from Medebawn who wanted a big shout out for Ciaran Taaffe over in New York and to tell him he was missing an epic night. They were with Deborah and Niall O'Meara from Kildare and the girls assured me their uncle was definitely going to make it a real night to remember.

After this I had the pleasure of meeting up with Michael's granddaughter Nicole Duffy who is home with Neil Koch and they were up for a mad night with everyone there.

Making my way through the crowds I then got talking to Kevin McKeown and Jim Lindsey both from Newry who were with Jim's daughter Loretta who wanted to wish her uncle all the best on his big night.

I then caught up with a couple of Ruairi's friends from New York Matt and Andrea Solomita who were certainly enjoying the night and Matt assured me that one of the reasons there were there was the fish and chips!

Heading for another table I caught up with Dot and Mary Neary from O'Hanlon Park and Dot told me that he had played football with Mickey and all his brothers and had even had the odd drink or two with them, so they certainly weren't going to miss his party.

Meanwhile up near the bar I got talking to Jim Boyle from Muirhevna and Niall O'Meara from Kildare who said they were looking forward to a major night of celebrations.

After this I got a quick word with Michael's son Ruairi who said he had come home with wife Louise and kids Nicole, Emma, Jane and Shea and he was having a chat with Allan Sherman from Glasgow and assured me it was going to be nothing short of an epic night.

Just in the door was Paul Kinahan from Garrybawn who was with his kids Rionagh Duffy also from Garrybawn and Joshua Gribben from Castletown Road and they were looking forward to a good night with all the relations.

Not too long later I met up with Peter and Cathy Duffy from Lennonstown Manor who were enjoying a few laughs with Susan Duffy home from Glasgow.

Making my way over to another table I got talking to Hugh and Bernadette O'Hagan from Knockbridge who were with Anita and Aidan Greene from The Meadows and Anne and Gerry Kindlon from Fr. Murray Park who wanted to wish all the best to their next-door neighbour.

Finally, before I departed I got talking to nephew and Michael's godson Niall Weldon from Cedarwood Park who was with his kids Tiernan, Eoghan and Oisin, but was chatting to Brucie Lee from Avenue Road who both wanted to wish Michael a very happy 70th.

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