Saturday 17 March 2018

Excitement builds for school reunion

The excitement is building up for the Reunion Gathering in Saint Fursey's School, with preparations stepping up apace as the Big Date approaches on October 18.

Among the more onerous tasks undertaken was the compilation and publication of a School Book covering the period from the opening of the school back in 1840 on the Mullaharlin Road right up until 2013.

A section of the publication is devoted to the aspirations of staff for the future and it also features the oldest living pupil Maureen Lynch and the youngest incoming pupil Eli Smith in a comprehensive review of the affairs of the school.

Each and every present pupil has been asked to contribute to the book which will be launched on October 18 and will comprise between 200 and 250 pages.

There will be an open day on that date when as many former pupils as possible are invited to visit the school and join in the celebrations and enjoy the entertainment that is being arranged.

For those who can't be there on the day, an open invitation was extended to all at home, especially from abroad, over the summer months to go and see their old Alma Mater.

For substantial changes have taken place with the renovation and extension of the premises over the years since the school moved to Marlbog Road in 1940.

A number accepted the invitation and revived many memories for them.

An invitation to every home in the parish to attend the Gathering Open Day is to be issued, and all visitors on the day will asked to inscribe their name on a permanent mural designed in the shape of a flower on an inside wall in the school.

Entertainment will be laid on by the pupils and that night a ceili is to be staged in the Fairways Hotel to provide past pupils with a further chance to meet up again and share reminiscences and memories.

Teacher, Sandra Smith, is the Co-ordinator for the School Gathering.

She along with Speech and Drama teacher Patricia Reynolds and fellow staff member Noeleen Gernon took on with producing the School Book.

According to Patricia they have received a wonderful response for stories and memories of their school days by former pupils, and also have been inundated with photographs.

A history of the school is outlined and there are articles from former teachers and principles and apt poems including by local poet and writer Noel Sharkey, a former pupil, in what will be a much eagerly awaited publication. It was submitted for printing last Wednesday.

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