Tuesday 18 June 2019

Epiphany at Anaverna on the feast of the Epiphany

The writer and actor Dermot Gorman brings his latest one man show, Epiphany, to Anaverna on Sunday, January 6th.

It's a year since Declan first performed this piece at Anaverna and he has developed it since then,

Declan is well known for his adaptations of work by James Joyce. His solo show 'The Dubliners Dilemma' has been staged extensively in Ireland as well as Moscow, Oslo, New York, Dallas, and San Francisco. He has also adapted and performed scenes from 'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man' and read from various works at diverse public events.

Of Epiphany, he explains: 'But when it came to presenting 'The Dead' as a solo piece in January 2018, I chose not simply to enact scenes from the well-known story, but incorporate personal memory of first reading the book and reflections upon my own journey into literature, through Joyce and his great admirer Patrick Kavanagh in particular. What emerged was an autobiographical narrative framework that saw me recreate a time in my life when I was moving between Dublin and Munich, a confused rural youth, over-dependent on alcohol - turning to literature for a sense of identity and self.'

Declan performs Epiphanies at Anaverna on Sunday at 8pm.

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