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Emma Sophia is world's youngest lockdown star


Emma Sophia Ryan with her mum, Mary

Emma Sophia Ryan with her mum, Mary

Emma Sophia Ryan with her mum, Mary


Emma Sophia Ryan is only three years old but already she is proving an internet star!

Over 11,000 people watched a super cute video of her singing 'Ireland's Call' while her mother Mary McCague played the piano. Now the child prodigy is hosting her own weekly show which will feature a song performance, as well as chats, jokes, shout-outs and a music education component.

Mary, who is originally from Blackrock but now lives in Kinsale, explains that she hopes that the show will 'bring a smile to people's faces' every Wednesday at 7pm.

Child prodigy Emma Sophia is a natural performer and has been singing since before she could even talk. While most children still cannot talk clearly at the age of one, Emma Sophia could sing Ireland's Call in full and on pitch. At almost 2, she could sing all of Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears. Unlike most children who start with nursery rhymes, Emma Sophia has always enjoyed listening to and singing Irish folk music, and while she was still only two she had built up a repertoire of over 10 songs including Irish folk, ballads, country, nursery and of course, Disney!

Like so many of us, Emma Sophia would love to hug her Nanna and Granda, and see her little friends at playschool. When her parents explained to her why this wasn't possible, she wanted to know what she could do "to make the Corona Virus go away". This gave them the idea, that while her singing wouldn't make the virus go away, it would bring joy to people. And so began the online musical adventure of the world's youngest lockdown entertainer!

Her Ireland's Call video gained 11,000 in only a few days, and attracted the attention of composer Phil Coulter, who tweeted his approval: "What a powerhouse!! At THREE years of age? Never mind the HAKKA! If Emma Sophia were to lead off the song at one of our big games, she'd put the fear of God into the All Blacks. Nice reminder for us to stand shoulder to shoulder to beat this new enemy.'

Emma Sophia has been busy practising, and, in addition to the chats, jokes and shout-outs, will present a new song every week, which will be uploaded every Wednesday at 7pm GMT, on the Mary McCague Music YouTube Channel. The first episode of The Emma Sophia Show, which went out last Wednesday featured Brendan Graham's song, Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears. Future episodes will include Somewhere Out There from 'An American Tale' and Halfway Up a Stairs from 'The Muppets'.

Emma Sophia's mother, Mary is a professional violinist and pianist, and member of internationally renowned Classical Crossover group, Affinití. She has also been doing her bit to lift the national spirit, uploading daily videos playing multiple instruments (via the Acapella App) to her facebook page, Mary McCague Music. She will accompany Emma Sophia on piano.