Wednesday 24 July 2019

Duo give 'The Triumph' its premiere in Ireland

Ollie Bradley and James McCrave.
Ollie Bradley and James McCrave.

Olivia Ryan

THE international phenomenon 'The Triumph' will have it's Irish movie premiere held at the IMC Dundalk later this month.

THE international phenomenon 'The Triumph' will have it's Irish movie premiere held at the IMC Dundalk later this month.

The documentary-style film, which chronicles the real life stories behind 'the miracles at Medjugorje', is being premiered in Dundalk thanks to the efforts of Marian Park native James McCrave who has secured the rights to screen the film.

James had been on a pilgrimage to Lourdes earlier in the year and heard from other pilgrims about the powerful docu-drama which was fast becoming a worldwide sensation

'I had read about the film which gives a powerful insight into the mystery of Medjugorje,' said James. 'I couldn't believe that it wasn't being shown in Ireland, so I set about trying to bring it here,'

By coincidence, James met with his neighbour Ollie Bradley, who had just returned from Medjugorje, and they joined forces to ensure the film could be seen by Irish audiences.

'Ollie had also told me how about the lack of facilities and equipment for the Medjugorje Mountain Rescue team, so we decided to use the screening to raise funds,' added James.

'The Triumph' follows a young man battling addiction problems who visits the site of the apparitions of Our Lady at Medjugorje. It features interviews with pilgrims, priests, believers, sceptics and non-Christians, all of whom say they have seen an apparition of Mary, and investigates the modern day phenomenon. The shrine to Our Lady is in a tiny village in Bosnia- Herzegovina known as Medjugorje which is visited by 30 million people every year.

'We have had huge interest in the screening of this film,' said Ollie, who explains that it is being shown for four nights at the IMC in Dundalk between Monday, September 30, and Tuesday, October 3.

'There are people from as far away as Cork who are coming to see it, so the tickets are selling fast, and we are encouraging anyone from this area who wants to secure their place to see the movie to contact as as soon as possible.'

Tickets for 'The Triumph' at the IMC Dundalk are €10. Seats limited. Show starts at 6.30 p.m. sharp. All proceeds to Medjugorge Mountain Rescue team.

Contact Ollie on 086 2375527 or James on 086 7252528

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