Monday 17 June 2019

Blackrock inspires Kingscourt man's new CD

Blackrock Bulletin

The CD released by Gerry Curtis
The CD released by Gerry Curtis

'Blackrock by the Sea' a new CD released by Kingscourt man Gerry Curtis, who will perform the song in the village during the August 15th festivities.

Gerry says he was inspired to write the song by childhood memories of visiting Blackrock.

'I got the inspiration for this song from memories I had of going to Blackrock with my Grandmother in the early 1960s,' he explains. 'This is the place held with very high regard by the people of East Cavan, Monaghan, Armagh, and Meath as it is the nearest seaside resort for many in these counties. The 'fifteenth' was one of the big days of the year for people,

Gerry, who played with The Silver Pennies during the showband era, often played in Blackrock's famous Pavillion Ballroom, especially on 'the fifteenth'.

'I hope this song will bring back a lot of fond members for the older generation and help to continue to keep the 15th of August a big day in Blackrock,' says Gerry.

Music is a huge passion for Gerry, who says that while at this stage of his life he doesn't want to be an Elvis Presley, he enjoys writing songs.

'I've written about a hundred songs and have recorded a number on a CD which has been played on radio stations, including LMFM,' he says. 'Most of the songs are about places or events which happened in the past.'

He will be singing in The Rock with Vera McEneany on August 15th.

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