Tuesday 20 March 2018

Big night of celebrations at Ciara's 30th birthday

Friends and family gather in Byrne's Bar

Paudie Breen, Ciara Breen and Therese Jeffers, Muirhevnamor at Ciara's 30th birthday party
Paudie Breen, Ciara Breen and Therese Jeffers, Muirhevnamor at Ciara's 30th birthday party
Orna McConnon (left), Forkhill, Ciara Breen, Muirhevnamor, Emma Finnegan, Lordship and Sarah Cunningham, Red Barns Road
Sarah Lawson, Doylesfort Grove, Ciara Breen, Muirhevnamor and Deirdre Hanratty, Point Road
Mary Malone, Ciara Breen and Doreena Murtagh at Ciara's 30th birthday party
Ciara Breen and Mabel Jeffers, Muirhevnamor at Ciara's 30th birthday party

Dundalk After Dark

On Saturday night, I headed for Byrne's bar where a huge 30th birthday celebration was taking place for Ciara Breen from Drive One and there to make sure she had a fantastic night were mum Therese Jeffers from Drive One, brother Paudie also from Drive One, granny Mabel Jeffers from Drive Two with her neighbour Winnie Doyle also from Drive Two, Therese's partner Tony McComish from Williamsons Place and a huge collection of family, relations, workmates and friends.

I wasn't too long in the door when I had the pleasure of meeting up with Ciara who works for the Dundalk Democrat who wanted a special mention for aunt Mary Malone from Cooley Dorreena and Gerry Malone also from Cooley and to thank everyone for making it such a great night.

I then headed over for a word with Oisin Bourton from Maple Close and Caoimhín Jeffers from Garrybawn who told me they were going to make a mad night out of it and they were being watched closely by uncle Fergal Jeffers from Garrybawn, but my question was, who was keeping an eye on Fergal?

Could it have been uncle Ciaran Jeffers from Claddagh Park I wondered, well he was on for making sure the celebration was a major one too, along with the lovely lady who didn't want a mention for being at Ciara's big bash.

Heading for another table I then got talking to Padraic McComish and Aoife Rice both from Belfry Drive who were having a laugh with Aoife Mulligan from Greenacres who were enjoying the company of Tony McComish from Williamsons Place and all wanted to wish Ciara all the best on her big night.

After this I headed over for a chat with Padraig Martin from Hackballscross and Amanda Branigan from Knockbridge whom I interrupted in possibly not a polite way and they told me they wanted to wish Ciara a happy birthday, that she looked beautiful and hoped that she had a fab night.

Making my way through the party revellers I then got a word with Sarah Cunningham from Riverside Drive, Nadine Jeffers from Drive Two, Orna McConnon from Forkhill and Emma Finegan from Lordship who were enjoying the photo montage being shown on the big screen and then tried to say it was going to be a nice quiet night, as if ladies!

They were joined by Orna's husband Sean and Emma's main squeeze Joe who told me that it was early yet and they had big expectations for the night.

Next I headed for the Democrat table who were all in great form and included Darren and Gillian Rafferty from Riverside Drive, Ami Connolly from Tallanstown, Niamh McElwaine from Carrickmacross, Ian Cameron from Blackrock, Orlagh Kelly from Kilkerley Niamh Curtis from Blackrock and Christopher Maguire from Earlsfort who wanted to wish Ciara all the best on her big night and were going to make sure she had an epic night.

Also in their company were Deirdre Hanratty from Point Road and Eamonn McKeown from Knockbridge who wanted to tell Ciara that Patrick is sending lots of love to you on your birthday. They were with Robin Will from Edinburgh who was with Sarah Lawson from Doylesfort Grove who were up for making it a major night of fun with their friends.

Finally, before I departed I met up with James Bourton from Maple Close, Thomas Quigley from Lower Point Road and Stefan Duffy from O'Hanlon Park who were all in party mode and wanted to wish Ciara all the best on her birthday.

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