Sunday 21 July 2019

Anne brings banners to Cologne

Dundalk resident Anne Mager (half of the corridor project team) is organising and curating an exhibition featuring the protest banners of the Irish Artists' Campaign to Repeal the 8th Amendment in Cologne.

Part of that protest was the Artists' Campaign to Repeal the Eighth Amendment with which roundabout 3,000 Irish artists engaged since 2015. For the large March for Choice protests Sarah Cullen, Rachel Fallon, Lisa Godson, Alice Maher, Breda Mayock, Áine Phillips and other artists created over a dozen protest banners in hundreds of work hours of detailed handicraft, which take up motives of protest culture and arts history and were shown, amongst others, at the Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh and at EVA International - Ireland's Biennial of Contemporary Art.

The exhibition, entitled Repeal & Reward, opens on Thursday and runs until February 21.

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