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End of an era for St Louis girls


One of the St Louis students

One of the St Louis students

One of the St Louis students


Leaving Cert students at St Louis secondary school were disappointed not to get the chance to celebrate their graduation in the usual tradition this year due to lockdown.

'Normally we have a lovely last day with our girls. We enjoy a staff and sixth year lunch, spend time together rehearsing for the grad mass and then have a wonderful mass and graduation ceremony that evening,' said Ms Mary Gilmore, Deputy Principal. However the students were not to be disappointed and so Ms E Byrne, one of the year heads set about creating a different but equally special day for the girls, fitting three different events into one celebratory day.

To replace the lunch with staff the girls enjoyed a Kahoot quiz including childhood photos of both staff and students. Although the staff has traditionally won the football game every year at sports day this year the students triumphed in the Kahoot taking the top three spots on the podium. The afternoon was then left free for the girls and their families and later that evening staff, students and their families met via Zoom to graduate.

The student missed the annual Awards Night so this was incorporated into the event, with prizes given for sport, art, music, academic achievement and Student of the Year.

Sixth year Ugochi Enyoazu was recognised for her outstanding achievement of never having missed a single day in five years.

The Environment Committee members were recognised and applauded for the many outstanding achievements for another year. Highlight of the Awards Ceremony was the presentation of the St Louis Ethos Award for 2020 to Orlaith Harrison.

Orlaith who plans to study in DkIT next year was delighted to be given both the trophy but also the Chrome Book sponsored by Dash, Dundalk.

Head Girl Catherine addressed the group and spoke on behalf of all the students, while Principal Michelle Dolan talked of their theme which was that 'difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.' She spoke of how prophetic that was given the difficult journey all had been through since March 12 and how proud she was of each girl in how she had dealt with such adversity. 'I started in St Louis at the same time as most of the Class of 2020 so this was a very special group to say goodbye to. We shared our Louis journey together and they are now moving out into the world full of confidence, self-assurance, integrity and a strong sense of social justice as a result of the wonderful education given to them by the staff of the school.'

The evening ended with a selection of photos from their first day to their last. Although there were no nights out after the ceremony this year there were lots of zoom parties had after the event. Graduation 2020 style. One the girls of St Louis will never forget!