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The Real Health Podcast: Trisha’s Transformation on therapy, balance and finally finding happiness


Trisha Lewis is the guest on this week's Real Health podcast

Trisha Lewis is the guest on this week's Real Health podcast

Trisha Lewis is the guest on this week's Real Health podcast

On this week’s show, I’m talking about weight loss, how to build a strong plan and what to do if you hit challenges along the way.

I’m joined by Trisha Lewis, of Trisha’s Transformation who has been incredibly honest about her weight loss journey so far.

"I don’t know how I didn’t cop it already Karl but I had an eating disorder…I have a binge eating disorder and from there I went to therapy and I realised I needed a bit of help with my head and from the first session everything made sense to me," she said.

Trisha tells me how the pandemic impacted her weight loss plan and how she has gotten back on track and finally found balance in her life. Like many of us, Trisha has found therapy helpful in learning to set boundaries and say "no".

"If you feel that you don’t have boundaries and you’re that person that says yes the whole time chance the 'no' every so often because it’s actually so refreshing and you realise how much time you actually have and when you say 'yes' it’s because you actually want to."

Trisha has written a new book, Trisha’s 21 Day Reset which gives you the foundations of a resilient weight-loss plan, so that when you fall off the wagon you don’t have to beat yourself up – you simply reset.

Trisha, who is best known for documenting her weight loss experience on her Instagram, says it hasn’t been easy: "Failures, setbacks and curveballs have all been part of the journey, but I want to spread the message that weight loss doesn’t have to be about constant deprivation and self-punishment."

As a chef, she also gives top tips on how to eat better: "I believe it’s important for people losing weight that they don't lose out on flavour as well."

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