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The Real Health Podcast: The Truth About Weight Loss Surgery


This week on Real Health, we’re talking about weight loss surgery. It’s a topic we have touched on before on the podcast, but this week we are taking a deeper dive and bringing you everything you need to know about the procedure.

There’s now a general acceptance that the “eat less move more” approach to dealing with complex obesity isn’t suitable. That means treatments like bariatric surgery are getting more attention. But what exactly is involved, and what do people need to know before they decide to undergo the procedure?

Joining me to discuss this, is Consultant Bariatric Surgeon at St. Vincent's University Hospital, Helen Heneghan.

Helen says people should understand how difficult it can be to lose excess fat. “Your body is designed to prevent you losing weight...So everything is going against you to maintain weight loss. It’s important that people acknowledge that it isn’t their fault.”

The Real Health Podcast: The Truth About Weight Loss Surgery

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For those with obesity who have struggled to keep the weight they have lost off, Helen says there are other options people can explore. “Patients who come for surgery have lost weight [before]. They’ve lost stones and stones over and over again...if they haven’t managed to keep weight off that they’ve previously lost, there are medical treatments available.”

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