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The Real Health Podcast: The supplement episode with Kathryn Stewart


Kathryn Stewart

Kathryn Stewart

Kathryn Stewart

The area of diet supplements can be a confusing one to navigate

You have to think about what vitamins you should be taking, what form they should come in and if they are worth the money.

On this week’s episode of Real Health, I’m taking you through everything you need to know about supplements, with dietitian and sports nutritionist Kathryn Stewart.

Kathryn says you only have to look to the name to know what supplements are meant to do.

"You shouldn’t be using them as a replacement or a substitution. They are always in addition to what you are eating already.

"You want to think, can I get this from a certain food [and] am I getting enough from food? If that’s a no and something is low previously, then maybe you require supplements," she says.

We also talk about some of the supplements that people should be taking all the time.

Many of us have heard the advice from professionals about Vitamin D, but Kathryn also thinks omegas are something people need to consider.

“If people do eat fish it tends to be the less offensive ones or the less smelly ones...but salmon, trout, mackerel sardines, the oily fish, they’re the ones where you’ll get the omegas from.”

As omegas are crucial for brain and heart health, Kathryn recommends having two portions of these types of fish a week and if you can’t, then you should consider taking a supplement.

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