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The Real Health podcast: In conversation with Nicola Tallant


On this week's episode of Real Health, we thought we’d change it up and bring you an episode that is a little different to what we usually do.

This week, I’m delighted to be joined by the Investigations Editor of the Sunday World, Nicola Tallant to talk all things journalism, how the world of crime has changed and how she copes with the pressures of her job.

Nicola says being a journalist was something she knew she wanted to do from a young age, although the drive to be a crime journalist came later: “I don’t think I was totally focused on crime journalism. That came when I started working and I started being posted onto jobs involving crime stories. I realised that I really enjoyed them and found them fascinating.”

We also discuss her take on how, as a country we need to look at dealing with crime in a new way: “Policing is just one aspect of dealing with crime, and it's probably not actually the best one...there’s been studies across the States and particularly in Baltimore that would suggest that properly funding community organizations equalling the amount of funding that goes in to policing and education...can have even more benefits than cracking down harder on crime.”

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