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The Real Health podcast: How to Thrive This Christmas Season with Psychotherapist Helen Vaughan


On this week’s show, we are keeping on the Christmas theme, but it’s a slightly different approach than usual.

While many of us are looking forward to the Christmas season, for some it’s a time of year that can be really challenging. From staying with family, to avoiding challenging conversations around the dinner table it’s not always the picture-perfect time it's made out to be.

Here to help us navigate some of the more complicated sides of Christmas is Psychotherapist and owner of Maynooth Counselling, Helen Vaughen.

Helen says people can come under serious pressure to make Christmas like that in the TV ads. Instead, she says you need to focus on what you want out of the holidays: “One of the things I generally say to people around Christmas is try not to pressure yourself to do things you don’t want to do or buy things you don’t want to buy...don’t be afraid to change traditions.”

The extra time with family over the holidays can be a great way to catch up. However, spending lots of extra time with relatives can test your patience. Helen’s advice for getting through what can be an intense time is to make sure you try and be as mature as possible: “If somebody is trying to parent you or give out to you about something, try and act like an adult and either agree with it or disagree with it...Try not to slip into child mode subconsciously and start giving out.”

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