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The Real Health Podcast: Here’s how you can develop luck as a skill


What if being lucky was a skill you could master? Can you create smart luck and even make ‘accidents’ more meaningful? Wouldn’t this be something that you’d try and develop to enrich your life?

This week’s Real Health episode finds out about how you can develop this skill with Christian Busch, Director of the Global Economy programme at NYU and author of ‘The Serendipity Mindset: The Art & Science of Creating Good Luck’.

Christian explains exactly what serendipity is and why some people seem to have more luck in their lives, from the personal to the professional.

It is all about seeing opportunities in every situation he tells me, being open to change and welcoming the unexpected when it happens.

‘Treat the unexpected as an ally,’ he says, believing there are opportunities even during a global pandemic for us all to improve our lives.

Christian also gives some advice for developing your ‘lucky’ skill-set and how you can put it into practice every day.

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