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The Real Health Podcast: Here’s how to develop your mind gym with Niamh Connolly


As we deal with a lot of uncertainty with regards to the future, it’s important to learn more about our minds and how to keep them fit and healthy and so for this week’s Real Health I’m focusing on the importance of mind over matter and why having the right mindset really can make all the difference in living a healthy life.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Niamh Connolly, of TheMindGym.ie, joins me with some invaluable insights and advice on dealing with uncertainty, developing your mind properly and CBT strategies to help you deal with life’s stresses and strains.

Niamh explains how and why anxiety arises within us, how we can get stuck in bad habits trying to deal with it, how to break free of them and how it can manifest itself physically in our bodies.

Niamh also discusses the placebo effect and why our mindset is more important than ever during times of stress.

There’s a huge amount of really useful insights and advice from Niamh’s interview and I’m sure you’ll find it really helpful with the challenges in the weeks and months ahead.

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