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The Real Health Podcast: Five Minute Therapy? Find out how with Sarah Crosby aka the Mind Geek


We could all do with a bit of therapy right now but although stuck at home, we still seem to be time-poor, so how about some five minute therapy to help us all cope with the stresses and strains of life at the moment?

My guest on this week’s Real Health is psychotherapist Sarah Crosby, aka the Mind Geek, who is a bit of an Instagram sensation with her daily bite-sized snippets of mindfulness wisdom and her new book, Five Minute Therapy, is also out now.

Sarah has some fascinating insights and advice on how to cope with life during the pandemic.

She explains why re-parenting ourselves can be such a vital and important process; how we can deal with negative relationships and assess the people we have in our lives; why attachment is our relationship blueprint; and why we need to make sure our self-talk is kind and light.

“Walking through Dublin city centre at the height of the lockdown and being able to hear your footsteps, there's something really daunting about that,” she tells me. “What we're left with is ourselves right now. Without the distractions of everyday life we're having to sit with who we are, having to sit with our choices, with our relationships which we can't really distract ourselves from anymore and how we're speaking to ourselves around that is going to really form how our mental health is feeling right now.”

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