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The Real Health Podcast: Dr Matt answers your Covid concerns


It’s hard to believe, but September is only days away one of the strangest of summers is coming to an end.

It’s also back to school time and it’s probably one of the most fraught and nerve-wracking returns to school that we have seen with Covid cases on the rise and no end in sight to the pandemic.

So, with an increase in cases, the fall-out from Golfgate and people adhering to government measures, as well as parents’ worries about school, I wanted to address many of the concerns Real Health listeners currently have about Covid and I’ve turned to one of Ireland’s most outspoken GPs, Dr Matt O’Tuathail, to join me on this week’s show.

Dr. Matt discusses what it’s been like as a GP during the pandemic, he takes me through the recently updated HSE guidelines in relation to kids and schools and explains why he says kids need to return to the classroom, and he looks ahead to the coming months and what we might expect.

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