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The Real Health Podcast: Daniel Davey’s tips for performance success


In recent weeks, the Real Health show has featured some great food experts from Neven Maguire’s cooking tips to the Happy Pear’s plant-based diet.

Food, eating and your diet is one of the best ways to keep healthy and stay in control while so much is going on in the world outside and my guest for this week’s episode is a firm believer in food to help with your mental as well as your physical performance.

Daniel Davey first came to prominence as the performance nutritionist with Leinster Rugby and Dublin GAA followed by his book, Eat Up Raise Your Game, and on this episode he talks to me about wellness, performance and even mindset around food.

Explaining the importance of process and repetition, we’re discussing food but so much more as well.

“Have you got a process?” he asks. “Building a very simple process that is something that you can go to and repeat very effectively every evening is where you build success and I don't mind saying that's what I've learned again from high performance.”

“As a young practitioner, I was afraid of repetition and I was afraid of talking about repetition because people's automatic response was always 'I want something new, can we do something new or a bit more exciting?' That's not where the progress comes from.”

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