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The Real Health Podcast: Anna Geary and how to get your life back on track


It’s been an incredibly tough couple of months and with the summer coming to an end and schools returning, people are looking to get their lives back on track – or at least trying to.

On this week’s Real Health episode, with some great tips and advice, I’m joined by broadcaster and performance coach, Anna Geary.

Anna talks to me about the difference between self-love and also being prepared to challenge yourself to tackle those parts of your body and personality that you want to improve; she explains the importance of the language and energy you use; and why mindset and confidence underpins everything.

Anna discusses her own struggles during the lockdown, the need to prioritise and be less self-critical, and also why you need to pace yourself.

“I've probably started and failed about three times during lockdown to get on a health kick,” she tells me. “It’s about taking one thing and being very realistic.”

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