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Real Health: Running SOS – The essentials to help you run better


Real Health

Real Health

Real Health

Now that we are half way through the summer and the weather (for the most part) has improved, it’s the perfect time to give running a try.

It can be a daunting hobby to pick up, with many people wishing they could run but feel they aren’t fit enough to get involved.

So, this week on Real Health, I’m bringing you my top tips for running. I have advice for everyone, from complete beginners to those looking to improve their technique and make it more challenging.

Real Health: Running SOS – The essentials to help you run better

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One of the first things I advise people to do before they get started is to go and get a gait analysis. That might sound complicated, but it's not. It is simply a check to see how your foot hits the ground when running. When you go to buy shoes, it's no longer about the look and colour. It’s about supporting your feet as you run. When you get your gait checked, it will be easier to select the right footwear for you.

For beginners, I often have people telling me they get panicked while running. They’re out of breath and just can’t figure out that aspect of it. My advice, for the first two minutes of the run, slow the pace right down and focus on your breathing. Giving your body that time to adjust, will help you become more accustomed to the technique and you will settle into the pace in no time.

I also talk about the importance of changing your route, how to prevent injury and the best way to track your process.

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